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I assumed because I remembered what she got last time but nope

how do I be chivalrous & woke

like help


Rather than asking his date what drink she wanted, he took a page out of his old man’s book- be confident and attentive- and he chose for her. He tells his friend the full story over coffee.


Based on his dad’s teachings, he thought the move was charming, but the social tables have turned and chivalry is not as straightforward as it once was. He says he felt like he was an actor in a sitcom as he walked back to the bar in shame. He theatrically voices his panicked internal monologue for his friend:


“So, was it also presumptive to put her drink on my tab? And the tickets to the game? Like, does she think I’m assuming it’s within my budget but not hers; that men are the breadwinners? But if women still make 79 cents to a man’s dollar, then shouldn’t I be buying as an act of penance? I’m not some shit head, I’m just trying to be a good date, but how does she know that? Should I tell her I took two Women’s Studies classes in college?”


Dizzied by these questions, he made his way back from the bar, her new drink in hand, wondering all the while how to navigate these choppy waters with his disgruntled crush.

p. 310 


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Chivalrous and Woke

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