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I don’t mind waiting
you just remember me if you ever need anything


With grocery bags of cans tied to the ends of his handlebars, a man walks his bike in front of a house where a woman sits scrolling
through her phone.


Man: Hey, you got any extra money for me?
Woman: I don’t, sorry.
Man: Nothin for me?
Woman: Sorry, I don’t.
Man: What?
Woman: I said I don’t, man. I don’t have my
wallet on me right now.
Man: Oh, I don’t mind waiting, I’m in no rush.
Woman: Okay, fine umm. Just. Hold on.


The woman chooses to fold rather than fueling the relentless conversation. She sighs, stands up slowly, and turns around to walk inside. A minute later she returns with 3 dollars. “I’m going to set it right here, because of covid and everything” she says. She sets it in the grass. He flips his kickstand and walks to retrieve it. He smiles and says “Bless you honey. And hey, I’m around here all the time so you just remember me if you ever need anything, okay?”


She uncrosses her arms and smiles. Taking a couple steps towards him, she asks for his name, then gives him a cheerful goodbye. He rides away and she turns around to walk inside, still smiling.

Grand Rapids, MI

I Don't Mind Waiting

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