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Do I meet the criteria


In line at a UPS, an elderly man decides to entertain waiting patrons. “I got a joke for ya.” The woman behind him was hesitant to engage, perhaps not trusting his PC filter or lack thereof. She folds, “do you now…” The joke ends up being about roadkill. The innocent content yields a relieved laugh from his mini audience. 


Encouraged, he follows with another about giraffes not being about to swallow their pride or something of that nature. Another patron gets involved in the camaraderie, “you know what these are, don’t you?” The man’s posture changes, he was uncomfortable not knowing where the question was going. “These are dad jokes, you must be a dad.” He perks back up, “Do I meet the criteria? Because I sure am!”



East Grand Rapids, MI


Meet The Criteria

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  • Launder on gentle cycle and air dry. 

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