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We can’t do without you


A man talks to his elderly mom on facetime. He asks his mom if she needs a patio visit tonight, assuming she might be feeling stir crazy from lockdown.


       Oh, no sweetie I’ve had QUITE a busy day!


The man raises her eyebrows. Why…did you have a busy day?


       Well, I had to go to three different grocery stores and the book store for Carole’s           birthday.


Mom, why are you going to three different places to get your groceries? You shouldn’t be going out at all. There are 3 of us working from home that can pick up your damn groceries.


       My groceries AND my prescriptions! 


Yes! Whatever! Your prescriptions too. There is no reason for you to be exposing

yourself to COVID it at every retail space you can get your hands on in a day.


Mom bypasses his concern.

        Jewel didn’t have my rum raisin so I had to go to the market for that. And I could            never expect you to know what Carole would want for her birthday. She likes                  mysteries but she’s read so many that I have to see them all to remember which            ones she already has. How would you manage a task like that!


The man takes a deep breath as he recognizes the sense of purpose that comes with these trips. Mom starts to ramble as a getaway from more berating. The man lets the conversation dissolve. Before they hang up, he makes sure she understands that his frustration comes from a place of love. 


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We Can't Do Without You

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