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Grew up on chili dogs


A man sitting at a bar hollers to a girl a few seats over. “Hey, you wanna see a meme?”

Her body language says ‘absolutely not’. But she hesitantly agrees, bracing herself for what she might assume to be some borderline

offensive material.


He slides his phone down the bar top. The screen shows a hotdog topped with ice cubes. She gives him a side-eye, feeling like there still might be a dirty joke somewhere in there. “It’s a chili dog!” he says. She laughs at the harmless pun. She walks his phone back to him.

He says, “I don’t know why that gets me!

Probably ‘cause I grew up on chili dogs.”


She grabs her drink and moves over to the stool next to his.


Bigfoot Tavern

Crescent, OR


Grew Up On Chili Dogs


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