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I want a sip of everything


At an airport bar, an eldery woman and her adult son explore the chain restaurant drink menu. When the waitress tells her the beer pours are 16 ounces, she scoffs, “I can’t drink all that!” She orders 2 beers and then, without consultation, insists her son will drink whatever she doesn’t finish. The son pipes up, “I was just planning on one beer, ma.” She responds, “Well, I like to see what’s out there. I want a sip of everything then I’m sure you’ll drink the rest once they’re here.” The waitress toggles her eyes back and forth between them. After seconds of silence she presumes Ma to be the victor. She returns with two beers. A half hour later another 2 beers were added to her composite tasting-flight. With four practically full beers on the table, the woman breaks the silence, “Well, I just like to see what’s out there. All they ever give us at home is wine. Anyway, if you want those, you better be quick about it, we should head to our flight.” The cluster of gently-used brews sit in front of the exhausted man like a little army.


Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Minneapolis, MN


I Want A Sip Of Everything

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