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It’s a chip party!

The theme is chips!


Two women share a basket of chips on an outdoor patio. A little girl comes up to their table.


Hey! I’m about to be 6!


                                                                 How exciting, what’s going to

                                                                 be your birthday party theme?


What’s a birthday party theme?


                                                                 You know like unicorns or

                                                                  pirates or dinos


I never had a party.

I’m not sure…


The other woman reads the little girl’s shame and saves the convo with a new question,


 What’s your doll’s name?





What! No way, my name is Sarah!!


The little girl makes the doll rub her stomach as if she’s hungry. The woman looks at her friend holding the chip basket,


Well, pass them over,  Sarah is starving!!


Everyone starts crunching on chips in solidarity with the hungry toy. Now that the little girl understands what a party theme is she offers,


                                                                  Okay so maybe today is

                                                                  her birthday party and the

                                                                  theme is chips! It’s a chip party!


Tacos el Milgro

Terlingua, TX


It's a Chip Party!


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