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I was thinking maybe I’ll just keep the pigeon

then I thought man, I’m lonely


Two guys share a beer on the patio of a brewery discussing their quarantine-lows. One shares an unexpected emotional experience on a hunting range. He reflecqts on the moments following one of his shots, watching a pigeon tumble in the air against the backdrop of the blue sky. He explained how he felt making his way towards his kill, “I was like ‘nice, I needed that for my self-esteem.’” But when he found the bird, he noticed the bullet only skimmed its wing. It was stunned but very much alive. The barren social landscape of quarantine had him thinking more about the bird’s potential as a companion and less as a freezer meal.


Grand Rapids, MI


Man I'm Lonely

  • Launder on gentle cycle and air dry. 

  • Clothing inspired by overheard conversations.

    Each garment is representative of the outfit of the original speaker. Their words have been hand printed on the item in durable oil-based ink with the goal of inspiring empathy and curiosity. More pieces added daily.

megan constance altieri

artist & author | grand rapids, mi