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should I have new hobbies


Two women sit on the front porch exchanging psychological highs and lows as they reflect on the last year.


One says, “the first quarantine I was like ‘what can I sell on Etsy? Should I get back into making those T-shirt blankets? That entrepreneurial spirit was pumping through her veins. The second round she said, was more like, “how many netflix series’ can my retinas endure before I start going cross-eyed. Seriously though, I had to get those blue light glasses just for watching TV and I’m not even ashamed.”  


The other woman shared a reverse reaction: “This second one has me grappling with what I’m worth. It feels like everyone has picked up something and now I’m wondering should I be good at something new? Should I have new hobbies?”


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Grand Rapids, MI


New Hobbies

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  • Launder on gentle cycle and air dry. 

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