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Can you imagine no light


At the checkout counter, a woman takes small talk to the next level. She bypasses the “How are ya?” and goes straight for the “What if we lived in Alaska right now? Can you imagine no light on top of a global pandemic and seasonal depression, YIKES.”


Might it help our larger perspective to spend time imagining a lack of light? Where and for whom are resources, opportunities, or love inaccessible? Imagining darkness is an exercise that motivates us to create light, to spread it.



Grand Rapids, MI


No Light

  • Launder on gentle cycle and air dry. 

  • Clothing inspired by overheard conversations.

    Each garment is representative of the outfit of the original speaker. Their words have been hand printed on the item in durable oil-based ink with the goal of inspiring empathy and curiosity. More pieces added daily.

megan constance altieri

artist & author | grand rapids, mi