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I'm not regular


A girl and a guy take an early morning stroll through the laxative aisle at a grocery store. The girl gets more and more irritated with every medication he suggests. After a Pepto Bismol and a Tums proposal, he holds up a box of Gas-X, "So why won’t this work?" 

She fires back, “I’M NOT REGULAR. What do you not understand.” He cowers towards the gummy vitamins to stay out of her way while she chooses the best solution for her back up.


Epilogue: On behalf of this Montanan lass, I’d like to say that the coffee table book “Everybody Poops” is not PC. I call for its cancellation as it is insensitive to people who do in fact not poop. Advocating for a friend.



Butte, MT



Not Regular

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  • Launder on gentle cycle and air dry. 

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