I am real rusty


A young man gives a synopsis about one of his first social encounters since quarantine began. He recounts the moment with a cringe, “I couldn’t remember how to make conversation. I just kept reiterating whatever she said. 

She’d be like, “it’s so nice out” 

I’d be like, “...SO nice!”

“I really needed a break from my apartment.” 

    Same, I just needed a break, man.

“It’s crazy this is all still going on.”

    Seriously, so crazy!

He closed with, “I am REAL rusty. I just wanted to save us both and call myself an Uber.”


outside of Le Bon Macaron

Grand Rapids, MI



Size: Men's S

Real Rusty

  • Launder on gentle cycle and air dry. 

  • Clothing inspired by overheard conversations.

    Each garment is representative of the outfit of the original speaker. Their words have been hand printed on the item in durable oil-based ink with the goal of inspiring empathy and curiosity. More pieces added daily.

megan constance altieri

artist & author | grand rapids, mi