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Shown in The Collective Artspace group exhibition, "The Calming Effect."

Awareness is an essential component of social justice and civic duty, and an integral part of mindfulness. Without awareness, we cannot correct injustices or tend to our minds and bodies. And yet, in our current socio-political climate, awareness also invites fear, anger, confusion, and isolation into our daily lives, and consequently into our art/work. When a well-intentioned action like awareness is compromised in this way, it is not unreasonable to respond with negative emotions, but it is also not the only option. 

For this show, we are responding to this paradox by offering an alternative response, providing a show that calms, quiets, and embraces the human condition through an exploration of how "The Calming Effect" manifests in our members' lives and artwork. Let’s remind people of the beauty that surrounds them by allowing them to reflect on all of the positive outcomes that awareness provides, even in turbulent times.

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