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Cool...but weird


Two women work on a renovation in their camper van. Table saws, air compressors, and impact drivers whoo and whir. A man, perceivably high on something, stands at the end of the driveway staring at the organized chaos. One woman emerges from underneath the van, moments later the other woman steps out from behind the side door.


“Whoa” he exclaims under his breath.


The woman invites the man into conversation with a “Hey there!”.


He leaves his daze to clarify what he’s seeing “This is your project, ladies?”


Sure is!


He stumbles a little and re-enters his daze. “Cooooool…but weird.” They’re amused by  his unfiltered disbelief that women are working on a vehicle.


South Hills Neighborhood

Grand Rapids, MI


Cool But Weird


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