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walk with her


A masked-up family takes a team walk along a beachside park. They attempt to remain staggered to be COVID safe, namely for their matriarch who’s bad ears keep her wandering too close to whoever is speaking. In an attempt to lean in to listen, grandma loses her footing for a moment. She recovers seamlessly, barely noticing her near-tumble. An adult behind her grabs his kid and sternly whispers “walk with her.” The kid responds, “Dad…no.”  “She needs an arm.” “Dad. You’re stupid. No.” The kid’s just scared of being the one who kills grandma but instead of voicing his fear, he defaults to teenager assholery. Dad takes it as an act of disobedience, capping the back and forth with “watch your mouth” in an undertone. The boy throws his hands in the air. Both parties are frustrated and misunderstood. Grandma’s having the time of her life.


Huntington Beach

Bay Village, OH


Walk With Her

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  • Launder on gentle cycle and air dry. 

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