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No cash but good snacks


At a traffic light, a man holding a sign raises his brows at a stopped car. The driver meets his eyes and quickly gestures to her middle console with an eagerness like no one’s ever asked her for money before. She waves him over with one hand and digs around with the other. He scurries towards her but his enthusiasm flatlines when she announces she has “no cash but good snacks!”


She hands him a small bag of candy and starts rattling off specs, “there’s only 4 grams of sugar in the entire bag! The whole thing’s only 100 calories!” The light turns green so she rolls forward and doubles her talking speed. “...and they use natural dyes AND they’re not even that expensive! You can get ‘em on Amazon for only…”


Her voice fades as the man stares at his knock-off Swedish Fish, unsure how to feel.


Hilliard Ave + Clingman Ave

Asheville, NC


No Cash But Good Snacks


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