Everything always goes towards the sun


An older man and a little girl talk about releasing a small painted turtle back into its habitat. On their hands and knees, they peer off the dock into the water below. The girl points to a pile of eroded cinder blocks below the water’s surface. She suggests the turtle might like to make its new home nestled in the debris.The man responds, “we can try to set him down there. But I bet he’ll swim back up this way. He’ll probably go towards the sun. Everything always goes towards the sun.”


Snow Lake

Fremont, IN




Towards The Sun

  • Launder on gentle cycle and air dry. 

  • Clothing inspired by overheard conversations.

    Each garment is representative of the outfit of the original speaker. Their words have been hand printed on the item in durable oil-based ink with the goal of inspiring empathy and curiosity. More pieces added daily.